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Dear Friend,

At my latest Gold Mastermind conference among my Knights left all the other business owners entirely blown away … with numerous practically turning green with envy.

Here’s why:.

Rob is a copywriter.

He’s young, complimentary, drinking in every charming pleasure life needs to provide … and delights in the unchecked enjoyment of a “playboy” dream way of life most males would provide among their 2 most treasured and secured organs to have.

He surfs whenever he desires (living minutes from among the most sensational beaches in the U.S.) …

… journeys and lives in unique foreign nations for months at a time …

… invests his nights with a few of the most effective business owners worldwide, drinking costly single malt scotch and taking pleasure in uncommon stogies that cost more than many brand-new college graduates make in a week.

Yet He’s Got A Serious “Problem”

He bummed around practically all of in 2015. There was Valentine’s Day in St. Thomas. A ski journey to Lake Tahoe. Followed by a week in DC to hang with an old college friend.

Throughout the summertime he reconstructed his dream trip (a boosted Jeep Wrangler riding on beast tires) in between browse journeys to Costa Rica and Nicaragua … where he lived like royalty in a 5,000square foot estate (ignoring the Pacific Ocean), unwinding on the beach every day … and imbibing in different “adult libations” every night.

His “issue”? (Which I state with as much sarcasm and envy I can summon.).

He desired assistance from my Gold Mastermindmembers to offer him some inspiration to return to work for a couple of months this year.

How Rob Gets Paid

You see, after a number of months (or often years) living his life of leisure, when his funds dip listed below what he thinks about to be his “bare minimum” (a figure most “typical folk” would think about quite darn plentiful) … he reaches into his lucrative “bag o’ techniques” and produces whatever quantity of loan he requires … actually as needed.

All he does is invest about 60 to 90 minutes of his time accessing a resource virtually breaking at the joints with rewarding chances for copywriters … with a wide variety of business owners virtually BEGGING to award lucrative copywriting chances.

The amusing thing is … as plentiful as this “crucial to the copywriting kingdom” is … it’s practically entirely …

… Under The Radar Of 99% Of All The Copywriters Out There!

Whenever Rob’s tired or requires money for his different experiences and vices (like pricey surf boards) he dips into this secret resource and takes out practically any type of gig he desires.

Does he require a fast $3k to lease a Harley and drive his sweetheart (nabbed fresh off the model circuit!) to a charming bed and breakfast down in Key West to dance the night away?

That’s a simple one!

He simply key ins the keywords he understands will raise all the “quickie” gigs he can crank out in a couple of hours, relaxing on the beach with his laptop computer and a Corona (or more!), and the next day he’s off to Key West.

Or possibly he requires 5-figures to finish among his larger tasks (like restoring that jacked-up Jeep).

No issue.

He simply goes into in the magic keywords that raise the greater paying choices and gigs and selects which ones match him finest.

3 Hour Work Days!

Naturally, those aren’t the type of gigs you can bang out in a couple hours.

The man just works 2 to 3 hours a day … mainly relaxing on the beach. And he can quickly shut out a couple of weeks of 3 hour work days to pocket the type of loan many people make toiling away all YEAR in a task they dislike.

He might be young … however he’s sensible beyond his years. And he KNOWS he’s got a good idea going.

And he sure as heck hasn’t been speaking about it.

He gets an ill sense of amusement seeing all these bad sap college graduates … turned into life-long servants with 6-figures of financial obligation they’ll NEVER be able to pay off … working themselves half to death in low-paying tasks, living the life of a wage-slave that will most likely …

Kill Them Eliminate******************************************************************) To 30 Years Early!

His offer was simply too damn excellent to let him keep it from all my having a hard time copywriting associates. I chose I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get all these tricks out of him. (They do not call me a master of persuasion for nuttin’, honey.).

After a current 87 minute & &(*************************************************************** )seconds discussion (I kept my timer going since I wished to see preciselythe length of time it would take me to get the “YES” response I wanted) … he unwillingly accepted expose ALL his tricks to assist having a hard time copywriters quickly discover any type of customers and gigs they desire.

If they pick … live a way of life like his, and ….

Which’s precisely what Rob shared in a webinar entitled …

Paid by Lunch!

We’re calling it the Paid by Lunch webinar for 2 factors …

1. Since Rob HATES working past midday.

2. And 2nd … since with Rob’s resource and approaches you can awaken broke and– without spending as much as a nickel– gather a couple of hundred dollars prior to clocking out for the day.

Look, discovering copywriting chances is something. Protecting them is another.

And among the greatest tricks to snatching every gig you pursue (and this is ESPECIALLY essential to novices brand-new to the copywriting video game) is to ONLY pursue those with …

Low to ZERO Competition!

You see, every novice copywriter’s dream is to work for a “huge canine” customer like Boardroom, Rodale, or Agora.

Everybody and their sibling hammers these men with resumes.

It’s like hot chicks at the bar. They get struck on all the time. And unless you feature some major swagger (and the chops to back it up), you’ll get dismissed quicker than a midget at a pick-up basketball video game.

Don’t Get Sucked into the “Dark Side”

Oh sure, Rob’s worked for the huge pets alright … several departments inside Agora, the magnificent Weiss Publishing, and a couple of other multi-million dollar information publishers.

And he’ll spill the beans on how to score fast gigs and continuous retainers with home name customers– regardless if you have a fat resume or if you’ve never ever composed even a post-it note. There is a “dark side” of snatching one of these so-called “dream customers”.

And Rob’s secret resource is chock loaded with MUCH much better(much easier to get, much easier to deal with, and much better paying) gigs.

Gigs where you can capture simple 5 figure gigs with a single e-mail and brief call. Where even CRUMMY copywriting abilities remain in high need. And fundamental marketing 101 knowledge can definitely changean organisation … and make you appear like a GENIUS.

Rob shared a story with me about ONE 258 word email he e-mail that composed a client a customer $Additional *************************************************),000a year! It just took him 15 minutes to compose it and Rob’s take was a simple and fast 10%. (Negotiated in advance, understanding the effect it would have).

Would you like to make THIRTY GRAND for just fifteen minutes work?

This resource Rob has actually been keeping all to himself is chock loaded with gigs bestfor copywriters simply beginning … or who do not wish to bear with the bullshit you handle from much of the huge business customers.

A Cash Flow Business from Day One!

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own organisation, however believe it’s excessive work, time, money financial investment, or too huge a danger, then listen to this …

During our call, Rob shared a story about how this resource virtually dropped an instant cash-flow favorable organisation in his lap. Dealing with items that had actually been a pastime of his for many years. (I’ve begun numerous companies like this and you’re fortunate to make a profit in the very first 6 MONTHS. Normally it takes a minimum of a year).

That’s not all …

He also shared likewise, with a little copywriting know-how in knowledge form of type two page 2 reportUnique he DOUBLED his per sale profit.

Rob can reveal you how to do it with ZERO begin up expenses if you choose to go down this roadway. No spending for pricey mailings … no pay-per-click … no print area advertisements … or online banner advertisements.

And if you want to offer PHYSICAL items (not paper and ink information items), you’ll even find out a method to gather payment BEFORE purchasing any stock.

This is must-know information for any copywriter with imagine ending up being a full-blown business owner. Or anybody who wishes to blaze his own course rather of working for “the guy.”.

Hard Work Done FOR You!

Not to state you can simply kick back and money checks.
In the interest of complete disclosure, Rob desires everybody who buys this system to understand there isa little work included.

Do not stress, you do not need to sales call, knock on doors or any of that other terrible manual work.

What you WILL require to do is have a web connection, the capability to send out a couple of e-mails … and … sometimes, have access to a library (either one you can stroll into or gain access to online). When somebody calls you, and– in uncommon cases– be able to select up the phone.

Finding out this whole system all on your own is a prolonged experimentation procedure. There’s no factor to slog through it all alone.

Rob’s currently done EVERYTHING for you.

And he’s accepted turn over the secrets to the kingdom … including his jealously safeguarded individual vault of thoroughly established, evaluated and shown resources for protecting interviews, wowing customers, and– most significantly– closing high-paying offers … generally with your very first e-mail.

Here’s whatever you get with Rob’s just-released Paid By Lunchsystem:.

Bonus # 1: Rob’s tested Email Foreplay prospecting system.

Composing the incorrect initial e-mail( s) is the kiss of death! It makes you appear like an amateur and instantly eliminates your capability to charge high costs. Even even worse … it lets customers stroll all over you and monopolize all your leisure time.

Or … it can instantly disqualify you right from the start and expense you the very best gigs completely.

Done right, the Email Foreplaysystem can draw companies and customers to you like bees to honey. It includes 5 of the most tested and efficient “pump-priming” messages for landing customers as rapidly as possible and earning money instantly.

Bonus # 2: Get Past The Gatekeeper

Secretaries do not make working with choices however they doscreen e-mails. And lots of an excellent copywriting gig you mighthave actually gotten has actually been lost permanently due to overzealous gate-keepers. That’s now a distant memory. Here’s how you can discover the choice makers in any business you ‘d like to deal with so you can efficiently bypass the gatekeeper. (This resource is generally $700a year however Rob will reveal you how to get it FREE.).

Bonus # 3: New Client Phone Script

Worry the phone?

That will not be an issue EVER once again. You’re now gon na LOVE it. Why? Since Rob reveals you how to turn the phone into your own continuous “loan maker” … even if you’re an introvert and you’ve had a hard time in the past with closing offers on the phone.

You see, for 2 years Rob operated in a law practice and was charged with turning cold potential customers into cash-in-the-bank … and he needed to do it with just one quick call. (One customer, situated midway throughout the nation, really hurried down to his regional bank and transferred $5,000money into the law practice’s savings account … after one 15- MINUTE call!).

You’ll get Rob’s basic “4 phone concerns” overview that strolls you through EXACTLY what you should state to make money … RIGHT AWAY.

You can utilize these tried and true tricks, techniques and tools to turn ANY possibility you call by phone into a paying customer. When utilizing Rob’s secret resource you’ll find on the webinar, and they work specificallywell.

Moneymaking Recluse Comes Out of Hiding

Like I pointed out in the past, it took me a complete 87 minutes & &(*************************************************************** )seconds to persuade Rob to spill the beans. Since he’s not an expert, that’s.

He’s not on the speaking circuit.

He does not have any items, courses, or books.

He neither requires nor desires to teach individuals how to get abundant. His secret resource offers him ample loan, and more vital to him … liberty, to live life on his own terms.

In his words, ” Sure I might make an additional $500,000(or more) a year going the master path. What would I do with it? What I like … surf boards, timeless Jeeps, and hammocks on the beach are reasonably low-cost. Why work when I’ve got whatever I require?”

And since of that, I can’t ensure I’ll ever get Rob to share his tricks once again. You must leap on this deal prior to he ducks back into hiding and needs I take it off the market.

If This Sounds Like Your Cup O’ Tea, Here’s The Deal …

The Paid by Lunchwebinar currently decreased live … however no problemo. You can now get unrestricted acces to the webinar replay and all the bonus offers. (Along with a couple additional unannounced surprise bonus offers.).

At this one-time occasion, Rob exposed ALL his tricks and low-competition and basic resources for protecting damn near unrestricted gigs and customers.

( FYI– this system can work for you if you reside in Texas, Tazmania, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Barberton, Ohio … any place. You do not require to be bound to the continental U.S.).

Or, if Rob’s entrepreneurship strategy is your thing, he’ll reveal you how to utilize this resource to introduce your empire (with ZERO monetary investment) … or … include more consumers to an existing organisation.

Plus you’ll get the Email Foreplay, Get Past The Gatekeeeper,and the New Client Phone Script bonus offers.

The financial investment for the Paid by Lunchsystem is just $197
And if you listen to Rob …

You might increase your financial investment 1,000% … the really next DAY … GUARANTEED!

And we’ll provide you a complete 30 days to evaluate that pledge on your own. If at any time within that duration, you do not discover that the webinar and bonus offers measure up to every pledge in this letter … just let us understand and we’ll return every cent you invested. AND you get to keep all of the bonus offers as our present for providing it a shot.

It will NOT be sold to the fantastic unwashed masses. Rob does not desire a lot of individuals “peeing in his swimming pool.”.

Get your area now by clicking the button or link listed below.

As soon as in a life time, opportunities like this do not come along more than.

If you wish to find a simple and fast method to protect more customers and consumers than you can manage … in a range of markets and specific niches … the Paid by Lunchsystem is your ticket in.

All the very best,.
Doberman Dan

Here’s A Review Of Everything You Get …

  • Access to the Paid By Lunch Webinar replay. You likewise get access to the webinar recording. ($197worth)
  • Bonus # 1: Email Foreplay— Five of Rob’s tested e-mail design templates to draw companies and customers to you like bees to honey. ($197worth!)
  • Bonus # 2: Get Past Gatekeepers Secrets–.
    How to surpass eviction keepers and discover the choice makers in any business you ‘d like to deal with. (This resource is generally $700a year however Rob exposes how to get it FREE.) ($700worth!)
  • Bonus # 3: New Client Phone Script
    Rob reveals you how to turn the phone into your own continuous “loan maker.” You’ll get his basic “4 phone concerns” that inform you EXACTLY what you should state to make money … IMMEDIATELY. You can utilize these tested however basic scripts to turn ANY possibility call into a paying customer. ($197worth)
  • Bonus 4: Rob’s trick to begin your own IMMEDIATELY cash-flow favorable organisation dealing with items that have actually been a pastime of yours. And how, with a little copywriting knowledge (in the kind of a 2 page unique report) you can DOUBLE your per sale revenue.

    Rob will reveal you how to do it with ZERO begin up expenses if you choose to pursue this entrepreneurial chance. No spending for pricey mailings … no pay-per-click … no print area advertisements … and no online banner advertisements.

    You’ll even find a little recognized method to gather payment BEFORE investing in any stock if you pick to offer PHYSICAL items (not paper and ink information items). ($597Value!)

  • Bonus 5: Figuring it out all this yourself is a prolonged experimentation procedure that might cost you years of your life, great deals of frustration, disappointment … and countless dollars and even $10,000or more. There’s no factor to suffer through this finding out curve all alone.Rob’s currently blazed the path for you and he’s concurred to hand over the “secrets to the kingdom” for your success.His individual vault of thoroughly established, evaluated and shown tools and resources for protecting interviews, wowing customers, and– most significantly– getting and closing the offer paid … generally in the very first e-mail. ($297worth)
  • Bonus 6: One follow-up group Q&A session to assist you best Rob’s procedure, get the very best paying gigs and close more higher-paying gigs. ($297worth!)

Total Value: $2,28500

Your Special DobermanDan.com discount rate financial investment … just $197