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The Story of How I Got 1.7 Million Visitors Without Paying a Cent

If you understand how to utilize WordPress, then you can do this too.

When I got this DM on Twitter from Noah Kagan …


It all began.

Most business are doing material marketing incorrect.

I was too.

Like everybody else, generally I would drain a brand-new piece of material weekly and I was fortunate if I got a couple hundred readers. Weekly I would work my ass off, the majority of the time getting no where.

I had actually simply composed a brand-new post for my company blog site (about Hubspot) to draw in and attempt entrepreneur who liked Hubspot.

Except this time I attempted a brand-new method that a coach informed me about …


Just take a look at who began sharing and suggesting my post …

BTW, I did this without any EMAIL LIST (and I’m not a celeb) …

This post worked so well, even the CMO of Hubspot connected to me to talk about how I might assist them with marketing.

I believed possibly I had actually simply gotten “fortunate” with this one piece of material.
I was figured out to make my next piece of material for Noah at Sumo even much better.
I composed the post and looked into, then Noah modified for precision.
I then used the specific very same method from before to Noah’s post as I finished with the HubSpot one.
The heading for this one was “8 Marketing Ideas from Inside a $50Million Startup.

Here’s how the promo statistics breakdown:

  • # 1 Top Performing B2B Article In 7 Years
  • 2,700Shares In The First 15 Days
  • Outperformed Noah’s Viral Giveaways After 30 days I ‘d produced 28,292site visitors to this ONE post on Noah’s blog site!

Why Do Advertisement Networks Make It So Hard?

Does it even make good sense why advertisement networks make it so hard to pay them for clicks. Should not they make it simpler, not more difficult???

You nearly require a college degree to find out Google Ads.

Then there’s all the guidelines …

Advertisement networks choose what headings you can utilize. They choose they do not like your capture page.

It seems like advertisement networks have more guidelines than a library.

Even even worse, they include brand-new guidelines nearly weekly! It’s nearly like whatever that works excellent– they choose to prohibit it.

Which indicates you nearly need to re-learn how to do marketing their method. You’re permanently at their grace.

Then, if you get an excellent paid project going it may get closed down overnight. Often you get closed down even if their own advertisement customers disapprove something by error.

Worst of all– YOU– need to show why it was THEIR error.

If you’re fortunate sufficient to talk to anybody,

That’s. God understands they make it difficult to get in touch with consumer assistance.

I discovered another method, and thank god I did.

Because of My New Traffic Skills, I Now Get To Do Awesome Stuff Like Hang Out In Jamaica

If I can do this, so can you …

Before I inform you what I do, let me share how I stumbled onto my approach. Of all, simply a couple years ago I was offering snow cones in Australia.

That’s right … Snow Cones!

I was not a digital marketer. I was a break-dancing Aussie who offered carnival deals with.

My specialty back house was offering over $1 million dollars worth of snow cones and contributing over $100,000of it back to kids athletic clubs.

And then I fulfilled Justin Brooke, he’s a bonafide digital marketer. He has 13 years of experience, has actually invested 10s of millions on advertisements, and countless clients.

He was teaching me how to begin an online advertising agency.

I informed you I utilized to be a paid traffic person!

Then Justin revealed me a tactical method of doing material marketing. He was the coach who provided me the method that went viral.

A technique that wasn’t SEO and didn’t require paid clicks either.

He was revealing me this, since it’s how he got his customers. He was teaching me how to get customers too.

And then the clicks came flooding in.

And I wasn’t paying a single cent for them.

From my very first shot, this approach was … dynamite.

From August 2017 to August 2018, I’ve driven 1,942,129visitors to our site. Of that just 223,331was from paid clicks.

If we secure paid clicks I’ve driven 1,718,798page views– FOR FREE!

Without Paid Clicks, I Still Got 1,718,798Visitors To Our Website

This wasn’t simply some fluke viral post that I composed one time and got fortunate.

This was over an entire year’s time with a little lot of posts. Which for the many part I didn’t even compose, I simply looked into.

You will have the ability to duplicate my success with this material marketing approach over and over.

It’s reputable, constant, complimentary, and Google can’t take it away!

It’s working so well, that ceos, cmos, and financiers are connecting to me asking to do what I provide for them …

What Are You Doing That Works So Well?

Ok, let me discuss what I did …

Frankly, I do nearly all the very same things that paid traffic men do, other than for the spending for clicks part.

I still make a consumer avatar.

You need to understand your target. Without this it’s like attempting to browse in a brand-new city without any map.

I still compose headings, contact us to actions, construct an e-mail list, and post things to social networks.

The BIGGEST distinctions are …

I do not need to ask authorization from advertisement networks initially

I can never ever get prohibited or closed down

I get all my clicks totally free, rather of paying

You Might Be Thinking What I Do Is SEO, But That’s Not What I Do …

If you wish to rank for keywords naturally, then this works terrific without much effort.

* But it’s not SEO. *

SEO is far too challenging, competitive, and still makes you at grace from getting all your traffic eliminated.

The only business who alters their guidelines more than Facebook, is Google!

You do not need to research study low competitors keywords.
You do not need to plead for links by means of e-mail outreach.
You do not need to determine your keyword density.
You do not require a supersecret personal network of websites connecting to yours.

Then how does it rank naturally?

Because my approach still gets you a great deal of shares, clicks, backlinks, and time on page.

It does all that as an adverse effects.

Meaning it simply takes place.

Google likes all those things. They will rank your material positively WITHOUT needing to do “SEO.”

The natural (SEO) traffic you’ll get is a good side advantage.

You’ll get even much more traffic from other sources.

And you will not be relaxing waiting on the Google gods to bless your page with # 1 rankings.

If you follow precisely as I state, then you’ll get a bulk of your clicks within the very first 3 days.

Thousands of them …

Introducing …

Content Marketing Masters

I’ve recorded whatever over the in 2015. I’ve produced video tutorials, and case research studies too.

Content Marketing Masters is more than a course, it’s a complete material marketing system. You can take it on your own, or plug in an employee.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside …

The 3 material types I utilized to get countless clicks, numerous countless leads, and over 1,000sales REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The material method and website structure I developed for (over 500,000clicks each month) How to produce material that moves your readers to end up being clients without ever getting a phone or doing webinars My preferred material research study strategies that recognize hot concepts from cold losers My 5-step material composing list with examples and design templates so you too can entrust this to anybody The specific procedure I utilize to work with quality authors that get outcomes, rather of those fluff pieces that do not even get shared or ranked How to utilize clever material upgrades to transform 1 out of 5 of your readers into customers How to do a “Pre-Launch Promotion” for your material that constructs anticipation and guarantees you will not fail on your face when introducing How to fast test headings to discover one that will get you 1,000’s of shares The specific e-mail I utilize to get other leading influencers in my market to participate in assisting me compose and promote my material The most effective method to increase your audience size and get numerous marketing certified leads in one day. Even if nobody has actually ever become aware of you prior to How to get promo partners, even if you believe your present audience size isn’t huge enough for them How to understand precisely which posts you must put paid clicks behind since the ROI is a certainty How to begin with a little spending plan, and turn it into a bigger more rewarding spending plan How to get the CEOs of industry-leading business, even huge VC’s, to like and share your material The specific procedure I utilized to produce among Noah Kagan’s greatest shared posts of perpetuity for OkDork 10 promo methods that DID NOT exercise, so you will not squander your time on them How I drove 50,778clicks to one article on with simply 1 hour of work Plus, you’ll get my immediate delegation package …

You do not wish to be doing all the dirty work.

I’ll reveal you how to quickly change yourself with my immediate delegation package. Utilize these lists, spreadsheets, and swipes to get your group producing outcomes for you.

Inside you’re going to get …

The Content Promotion Experiments Worksheet I utilize to experiment with, rating, and choose brand-new promo methods (filled with experiment information I currently attempted) ONE easy spreadsheet to strategy, handle, and track ALL your material How to utilize the Pro-active Metrics Tracking Worksheet so your group understands precisely what to do every week Exclusive access to my live file of effective material swipes. (the very best material marketing pieces I’ve ever composed or seen are all here!) The Content Promotion Checklist I utilize whenever I desire individuals in my market to discuss what I’ve released (with detailed directions for every single product, so you can outsource it) My top 10 tools for content research study, composing, modifying, upgrades, and promos. Plus information on what precisely I utilize them for, and how.

And more …

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